Congratulations you are the Father of the Bride! How to write the perfect Wedding Speech Are you a Bride looking for tips and help to build your own wedding speech?

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"There comes a time in every wedding reception when the man who paid for the damn thing is allowed to speak a word or two of his own." - Rowan Atkinson

So your bank account is glowing red and the bank manager has sent you a letter inviting you in for "a little talk".

You're having to pay for dinner for a ridiculously large amount of people, most of whom you've never met and will probably never ever see again. As well as a good number you would knowingly cross the street to avoid.

Your wife has just informed you that you need to go shopping for a "fascinator" and while you don't know what that is you know finding one doesn't sound like a good day out.

And though you're trying to keep your head while all about you are losing theirs the slightest word from you, no matter how well intentioned, is largely ignored, shouted down or induces threats of being banished to the spare room for all eternity.

On top of all that you have to write a speech!

Congratulations! You are the Father of the Bride!

While we can't solve all your current pre-wedding woes we can certainly arm you with a few tips and help you write an outstanding and original Father of the Bride speech.

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Writing Your Speech

Writing Your Wedding Speech

Writing a wedding speech is a tricky business. Here we will epuip you with all the tools you'll need to write the perfect Father of the Bride speech.

Writing Your Speech »

Delivering Your Speech

Delivering Your Wedding Speech

How to stay cool under pressure and get it right on the day. Despite the temptation of drinking before your speech this will not help calm the nerves.

Delivering Your Speech »

Speech Download

Our Speech Download

A download containing over 300 jokes, icebreakers and quotes to add the touches of humour, insight, wisdom and warmth to make your speech truly memorable.

Speech Download »

The Brides Speech

The Brides Speech

You remember the wonder of hearing your daughter's first words… from that point on it has been difficult to get a word in edgeways and even her wedding day is no exception. Is your daughter making a speech at the wedding?

The Brides Speech »

Wedding Quiz

Wedding Quiz

We have now created a special Wedding Quiz telling every one all the best tales of the Groom and his new Mrs. Funny and thought provoking questions map out the history of the happy couple from first date through to "I do".

Wedding Quiz »

Advice & Tips

Wedding Advice & Tips

So have you made it through your big day?
Do you have any speech lines, jokes, tips or advice of your own to pass on?

Advice & Tips »